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World Refugee Day: Dadaab number down to 231,000 – UNHCR

The number of Somali refugees at Dadaab camp has reduced from 245,000 to 231,000, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has reported.

UNHCR gave a report on the state of refugees worldwide on Wednesday as World Refugee Day was marked.

The agency said that Kenya is hosting at least 500,000 refugees and that there are 2.2 million in East Africa.

In Kenya, majority of the displaced persons are from Somalia (58.2 percent) and South Sudan (22.9 percent). The Democratic Republic of Congo accounts for 7.3 percent and Ethiopia 5.7 percent.

The main refugee camps in Kenya are Dadaab, which hosts many Somalis, and Kakuma, which hosts a large number of South Sudanese.

Kenya asked refugees to leave the camps voluntarily after announcing plans to close them for reasons including insecurity.

Several rights groups opposed the move and Amnesty International released a report that stated that the people were being forced out

The report showed that many returnees left Dadaab because of dwindling food rations and services, or because of fears, stoked by Kenyan government officials, that they would be forced back with no assistance.